Contemporary Art in Yorkshire

Yorkshire has a big history in industry, that is no secret. As soon as you drive into it the grey stone buildings are all washed with the smoke of yesteryear and the streets look weathered themselves. But not everything here is a relic of the past, contemporary art has a rising scene in Yorkshire and is home to several fantastic locations to enjoy modern works, here are just a few.

Sunny Bank Mills

Though it may appear a little tattered and out of date from the outside, this former industrial mill has been completely renovated on the interior. Stepping inside you will quickly notice that the feel of a factory has been completely eradicated and instead has been replaced with a huge open 3000 square foot area for art. Full of natural light and space to breathe, here you will find work that has charm in leaps and bounds displaying art that is as light and fun as the gallery space itself. With cheery colours, fun patterns and smiling characters everywhere you will be happy to know that this place wants you to take some of its magic home with you. Dedicated to affordable art, this gallery is ideal for those who always want something for their home or those who love to give unique gifts. The atmosphere here will please both the young and the elderly especially thanks to its tearoom where you can relax anytime.

Henry Moore Institute

This eponymous gallery unsurprisingly features the largest collection of pieces from famed sculptor Henry Moore. Hailing from Yorkshire himself and celebrated throughout the region and beyond, Moore’s work can be seen all around not only the gallery but Yorkshire itself such as his bronze works featured in the iconic sculpture park. The institute however is focused on his passion, which of course was creating something unique and tangible seemingly out of nowhere. Here the art and practice of sculpture are adored and happily passed down to new learners thanks to the inspiring art works featured within and also thanks to their extensive library, archive and active workshops on the subject. Here impressive sculptors of the past and groundbreaking new talent call all be adored under the same roof. Currently showing is American sculptor Senga Nengudi who has been experimenting with sculpture and the body for over 40 years.

The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery

Found on the University of Leeds campus, this gallery and its work is interwoven with the cutting edge developments of the student body here. With a gallery that displays a selection of broad contemporary works the main feature is that the students who actively learn and practice their work on site also get the opportunity to display their creations. Not only is this a fantastic opportunity for those wanting to head into the art world but it also allows visitors to enjoy fresh and exciting ideas from artists who are still shaping their craft. Featuring textiles and costume as well as fine art, conceptual and many other forms the displays here are as varied as they are new.  Head here if you want to get the jump on some of the country’s future art masters.