The Many Genres of Yorkshire Music

Yorkshire is known for its impressive countryside, its industrial history and its diversity of culture. It should come as no surprise then that the musicians raised here bring with them an impressive mix of genres and styles. Though many may associate British music with the indie-turned Britpop bands of the 90s, the set of stars coming out of Yorkshire help to shake up that notion. Here are some of the acts that hail from the north.

Artic Monkeys – Indie/Pop

Though they do fit the confines of a typical band outlet, the Artic Monkeys provided a different sound from the rest of the music in the charts. Whether it was their accents, their use of British slang and everyday subject matter or their guitar work, the combination of all of these made these boys from Sheffield a household name very quickly. Now, moving into new genres themselves, the band continues to play and tour.

The Music – Alternative Rock

Another band that are probably still quite close to the sound of a classic UK gig troupe. The music had an element that was a little different from the rest that made them stand out from the crowd. Mixing their shimmering guitars with catchy bass rhythms alone would have done them good, but the vocals provided by Robert Harvey really took things to the next level. With a fantastic range and an ethereal feel that carried through into several tracks, this foursome showed how a conventional line up could make something very fresh.

The Human League – Synthpop

Definitely not an indie band, the human League were huge back in the 80s when their smash hit ‘Don’t You Want Me’ hit number one. Not only did it catch on nationally but the song was a favourite in the US too meaning the band became famous overnight. Known for tracks that had catchy hooks backed by heavily synthesised instruments, the sound that The Human League were known for is now very much back in style.

Nightmares on Wax – Trip Hop

DJ George Evelyn has been mixing tracks since the late 80s. Recognised by his soulful downtempo sound that has ranged from chillout to hip hop and house, this artist covers impressive ground all on his own. Currently signed to Warp Records which is known for avant-garde artists, Nightmares On Wax generally has an easy to enjoy sound but he also likes to experiment. Now with years of skill and collaboration under his belt anything he puts out there is at a superior level that few DJ’s will reach.

Sidewalks and Skeletons – Witch House

Originating from Bradford this solo artist is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in Witch House. With a thoroughly recognisable style that includes distorted guitar, low spooky synths and extremely atmospheric qualities, Jake Lee has captured a specific sound and made it work over and over again. This genre itself is a fairly recent invention coined by American artist Pictureplane, but now the horror movie-esque sounds that were created over in the States are being cultivated far away in Yorkshire.