The Arctic Monkeys are Conquering New Waters

The Arctic Monkeys are Conquering New Waters

The temperature is rising again and next summer is just around the corner. Now it is an excellent opportunity to highlight one of the best albums of the previous year. The Arctic Monkeys come from Sheffield, in north-east England, near Yorkshire. When they released the album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino in 2019 the media and fans were amazed. The band discovered the piano and completely changed their sound. Numerous keyboard instruments instead of guitars became the highlights of this album.

From Rocker to Crooner

Nobody expected this change of style, but it is not entirely surprising. Alex Turner the singer of Arctic Monkeys has been experimenting with new sounds for a long time. He has already proven that with his second band The Last Shadow Puppets. With the debut, they first explored the sixties soul style before devoting themselves to the second album in the 1970s. Fans of the side project will feel like at home with Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. The instruments that the band from Sheffield uses on it are quite exotic. There you will find the Farfisa organ, a Wurlitzer piano, and the Dolceola, a mixture of keyboard and zither. In his texts Turner shows his reference as much as he addresses his own writer’s block. This feature has disappeared when the singer discovered a piano in a storage room in his house in Los Angeles. His manager had given him this gift for the birthday.

A Piano Changed Everything

Now the forgotten present turned out to be right and gave the impetus to change the direction of the indie band. At that point, Turner hadn’t played the piano since childhood. According to his statements, he blossomed and the writer’s block was solved by itself. The result is a record that you would not have expected from a guitar band. The influence of Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino is just great. Alex Turner names the American singer Dion as well as his favourite composer from numerous films François de Roubaix. The lyrics were inspired by Neil Postman’s We Have Fun To Death and Infinite Fun by David Foster Wallace. Now Turner philosophizes about hedonism, depression, Jesus, and religious iconography. His confusing texts wallow in melodies that make you think of a sunset at the hotel bar. The perfect plate for hot summer nights will still be entirely valid in 2020.