Top Leeds Vegan Spots

Yorkshire holds a mix of different environments from sea side locations to small villages amongst the fields. On its more contemporary side however are its urban havens such as the student heavy city of Leeds. Rife with a young and multicultural crowd leads is home to shop-til-you-drop markets and shopping centers, an impressive music laden nightlife and all the things in between. It comes as no surprise then that this place was keen to get aboard the green train and wrangle in the Vegan crowd. Whether you like the movement or not, as far as food goes its better for you and it invites those in the kitchen to create new and exciting culinary delights that we’ve never seen before. This great new energy is exactly what can be found on the scene in Leeds, here are some of their best plant based locations.

Eat Your Greens: This spot right near the bus station has a bit more of a bohemian atmosphere, it is open and well lit with a natural feel about it. Their menu is just the same, and although its not entirely Vegan, its clear to see what is and what’s not. Their message here is clearly in the name of the place, as pretty much everything comes with a selection of fresh green sides that can include lentils, veg or fruit, making this place great for mixed groups. This place also doubles up as a grocery store where you can buy select cooking oils to just straight up fruit.

Cantina: Not to be confused with the dodgy alien bar in Star Wars (though you’ll know doubt spot some equally peculiar types here), this place has style, talent and a sense of humour. Here their goal is to provide you with both tasty vegan food and some booze for good measure. Their menu is impressive as they shy away from the standard salad and a vegan burger format and instead opt for fully green across the board. Making use of the best meat alternatives such as jackfruit and seitan, here they combine these with dairy free cheeses as well as some nice spices and straight up veg too. Their vegan smoked salmon sounds impressive while their deep fried Oreo skewers are equally a must try.

Knaves Kitchen: If you thought all vegan food was boring, these guys are here to show you that nothing is off limits when it comes to plant based alternatives, here they specialise in one thing specifically Vegan junk food. Though the term may seem oxymoronic, the food on display here will have your mouth watering before you can think about it any further. Their seitan faux chicken is a fan favourite, while they also proudly provide jerked jackfruit for a Jamaican twist, chunky onion bhajis for a taste of India and a beer battered tofu for a classic English feel. This stuff is all designed to takeaway and is perfect for saving you time cooking, or even worst trying to hunt down somewhere to grab a vegan friendly snack.