Yorkshire News Stories You May Have Missed (November Edition)

Yorkshire News Stories You May Have Missed (November Edition)

We missed out October in our monthly round up Yorkshire news – but fear not, we are back with a bang in November. If you look at many Yorkshire news sources, you’d be forgiven for thinking that crime is the number one thing happening in our county on any given week. But of course, those kind of stories are pushed primarily because they are morbidly fascinating. We, on the other hand, thought we’d focus on a few positive news stories to come from our fascinating county this month.

Hull Beats Bus

In a feel-good news story, we can all get behind, Hull based warehouse worker Steve Arnott has managed to raise £20,000 to fund his Beats Bus project. The graffitied bus will travel around Yorkshire schools teaching children all the skills surrounding the making of hip-hop music. Based upon the original four elements of hip-hop that were laid down in 80s New York, Arnott hopes to transfer positive life skills to disadvantaged youths across the county. Teaching breakdancing, graffiti art, rapping (or MCing) and turntablism (aka DJing and producing) to kids gives them an ‘outlet to be creative’ according to Mr Arnott.  “[this money] means we’re able to go back to our original idea, which was to go to parks and estates and do some free workshops with kids who are just knocking about on the street and getting themselves in trouble because they haven’t got anything better to do” he added, speaking to BBC News. Donations to the Beat Bus soared after an award-winning documentary about the project, A Northern Soul, aired on BBC 2 last week.

Siemens to Build Tube Trains in Goole

Hot on the heels of the great news about Channel 4’s new Leeds-based headquarters reported on last week, is some more good economic news for the county. This comes in the form of a deal made between Transport for London and German industrial powerhouse Siemens’ Mobility sector, which will see upwards of £1.5 billion pounds of worth of trains constructed at their factory in Goole, just south of York. Estimated to bring over 700 jobs to the area, the project was in doubt for some time after a high court challenge by rival bidders Bombardier and Hitachi. However, the case was dismissed in favour of Siemens earlier this month, and operations should begin building the new Piccadilly line trains by mid-2019.

David Hockney’s Former House in Bradford up for Sale

Got a spare £70 million lying around? If you do, you could certainly – give some of it to us? Jokes aside, that ridiculous sum is how much one of David Hockney’s paintings sold for recently. Can’t afford it? Well, there might be an alternative. The childhood home of Mr Hockney (who still lives in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, for a lot of each year) in Bradford, is currently on sale for £160,000. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any original Hockney artwork included. But at 1/500th of the price of his most expensive piece – and a nice terraced house into the bargain – who can complain?